The Pressure Rainbow (PR) is a perceptual tool that facilitates communication, from one body to another. 

This site is intended to be used as a support tool, assisting parents and educators choosing to teach the Pressure Rainbow to their children and students.

The Pressure Rainbow facilitates communication by simplifying emotional language into colors and numbers that correlate with our heartbeat and breath rates (& emotional states).

This site is a work in progress; your contributions are welcome!

Together, we shall provide:

  • exercises
  • project ideas
  • photos from class/family projects/activities
  • writing prompts for older children (& adults!)
  • examples of PR Journal entries

Thank you!

This booklet is intended for children, and their parents & teachers.

The PR is applied to our Emotional Navigational Systems, which facilitate the process of understanding what our emotions are telling us as our nervous systems take in and process the stimuli/data present in our both our external and internal environments, leading towards a more conscious self-awareness and improved decision making skills. 

The Pressure Rainbow & Your Body is a Spaceship! work best in conjunction, as the former offers a more detailed understanding of what occurs at the physiological level (in each zone), and may help assist the teachers and parents more easily explain the Pressure Rainbow to their kids.

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I hope the Pressure Rainbow is as useful a tool in your reality tunnel as it is in mine!  Every day, my perception is expanding.

This variation is directed towards massage therapists and their clients, though it may be applied to any therapeutic touch profession, such as physical therapy, nursing, or even dentistry.  

The PR is a useful tool that helps facilitate client/patient communication, regarding perceived pressure, with their practitioner.

Primarily, it lets the client know that communication is welcome and encouraged; while providing a simple system that clearly communicates to the practitioner the perceived pressure, thus modifying accordingly.

In addition it provides massage after-care and client self-care tips.

Click on the image for the free PDF.

This book is available for purchase through here.

(If you find the books to be useful tools, I appreciate your support via your purchase at the bookstore.  Thank you!) 


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