Pressure Rainbow Journaling

What Color Are You?

Keep your color journal with you.

Observe and note, what color are you when:

  • You wake up
  • You get showered
  • You eat food
  • You interact with other people
  • You are in different environments
  • You listen to music--what kind?
  • You observe art, or nature, or whatever it is your are seeing that is noteable...

You may want to post intermittently throughout the day, or at the end of the day, whichever suits you better that day. 

This journal exercise helps us practice mindfulness and self-awareness.  We see how our perception can affect how we feel and think, and how our perception is affected by factors such as rest, food, and environment.

Can I Blue You?

This journal exercise can also be used as a meditative practice.

At a location of your choosing, observe the people in your environment, and note if anyone appears to be particularly orange or red.  

Don't make verbal contact and attempt to minimize your non-verbal communication with that person.

Observe that individual for a few minutes, and note how you feel in relation to that person.  Do you feel your pressure levels increasing to match their high pressure frequency? 

Next, bring yourself into your Blue zone. 

Once you feel all chill and blue, attempt to radiate the peaceful calm you are feeling to that individual.  Do they appear to change?

Maybe they do, maybe they don't.

Note in your journal your experience.

The main objective of this exercise is not changing others, but changing yourself.  

We can be affected by how we perceive other people to be--just observing orange or red may potentially bring us into those same zones without any interaction necessary.  

Practicing reducing the pressure load on our spaceships is good training for coping with pressure.

And who knows, maybe it could even help that other person--without requiring any direct interaction.  Note whether it seems to, or not. 

This exercise can also be practiced with Green and Gold.

What Color Are They?

This journal exercise is more about how you perceive others to be--where they may be emotionally/physically using the Pressure Rainbow as the gauge.

What you infer based on your perceptions may or may not be accurate, as none of us our mind-readers.

Observe and note:

  • What color zone you think they may be in, based on their behavior/body language
  • What color you are as you observe them (is it changing?)
  • Who appeared to be under overwhelming pressure
  • Who seemed to be dwelling peacefully in blue zone
  • How did you feel about the orange people? The blue people? The green people?  The red people?

This exercise helps us see how the inferences we make through our observation of other people affects how we perceive them, and how we feel in the moment--which in turn can affect our communication and interactions with others. 

Do you have journaling ideas regarding the Pressure Rainbow?  Share them!  They may get posted.

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