Project Ideas

Wall Chart

-Construction Paper (bgwyor)



After each section is filled out, tape the sheets of paper to the wall, starting with blue on the left, followed by green to the right, then white (write GOLD on it), yellow, orange, and red, all in a row.

(You may choose to use all construction paper or just one sheet apiece to mark the top of the column, followed by regular printer paper beneath as the writing space.)

For each color column, write down emotions, places, people, things, music/songs, and actions associated with each zone. Peaceful blue, happy green, rewarding gold (white cp), wary yellow, uncomfortable orange, alarming red.

This chart helps us more quickly recognize when our spaceships are in need of change (yellow) and require maintenance (orange/red), as well as provide us the tools (blue/green/gold) to give ourselves what we need. 

Do you have a project idea that helps demonstrate the Pressure Rainbow? Share it! Your idea may get posted. 

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