A visible measure of how much slack we require, is through using mini-hoops in four diameters; paired with the colors of the Pressure Rainbow. 

Hoop size communicates need for space/proximity, while hoop color expresses the pressure zone we are in.

By simply wearing it around our necks, we quickly and clearly communicate our need for space/nurturing, and what space to meet us in (Blue/Green/Gold); or if we require them to hold Blue/Green space because we are experiencing Yellow/Orange/Red levels of pressure--and whether we need space to process, or require nurturing support, through physical contact.

Learn more about Hoopmunication here.

The book is also available for purchase through blurb.com. Click on the image for the free e-book.

Mar loves sharing Hoopmunication and Hoopment, an elementally intuitive self-care practice, with: community support groups; schools; and community centers, as a public speaker and presenter.

They provide Elementally Functional Family Fitness support via their Ko-fi page.

ElementallyIntuitive Movement 101 is free for everyone who visits them on Ko-fi; and is the foundation for Elemental Implement Manipulation

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